Home of the ShoeSling®

The Original ShoeSling is the perfect solution to keep your shoes together and away from the rest of your gear and clothes!

Who can the ShoeSling® help?

The ShoeSling can help anyone who wants to keep their shoes together and separated from their other stuff. Some of the most common uses include...

Young woman with titanium ShoeSling over shoulder at high school football game

Parents With Active Children

If you've ever dropped a kid off at practice, only to get a phone call that they only had one shoe, then the ShoeSling® is for you.

Weekender bag with two ShoeSling shoe bags by lake

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Wish your whole life could be hiking, biking, or playing sports outside? Sick of schlepping dirty, smelly shoes in and out of the car & house? ShoeSling® is for you.


Travelers and Road Warriors

Do you have loyalty points from all the airlines, car rental, and hotels because you're always traveling? You guessed it, the ShoeSling® is for you.

What's So Great About the ShoeSling®?

The ShoeSling is the best way to keep your shoes together outside of your backpack or carry-on bag. But that's not all...

  • Antimicrobial technology to reduce smell & bacteria

  • 2 pockets - one for each shoe!

  • Internal fabric keeps shoes from scuffing

  • 100% sports-grade, washable, polyester fabric

  • Space to write your name, so you know whose is whose!

  • Flexible fabric handle for easily attaching to other bags (or use a ShoeSling carabiner)

  • Made in Michigan - USA

Shoesling® - Annotated

From Our Family to Yours...

Hi! We're the Loys and the inventors of the ShoeSling®. Like most products and inventions, ShoeSling was born out of an observation for a need.

On one family trip, as we were waiting for a flight, LuAnn noticed several people traveling with dirty, dangling shoes or hiking boots tied by the laces to their backpacks and carry-on bags. She thought "There must be a better way to transport shoes outside of a backpack."

And that was the comment that started the ShoeSling.

We believe in this product because we use it every day. So do our kids & grandkids. We love using it and we think you will, too.

To give you an opportunity to try it for yourself, we'd like to offer you a FREE carabiner and 10% off your first purchase. We trust you'll love the ShoeSling as much as we've enjoyed making it (in the USA) for you!

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