The Original ShoeSling®

It’s a new kind of shoe bag, it’s the shoe carrier
that makes your life easier, cleaner, and more
organized. Antimicrobial flexible fabric manages
odors and fits footwear of various sizes.

Neon yellow ShoeSling attached to black backpack with virus buster art
Black ShoeSling shoe bag

More Organization,
Means Less Stress.

The ShoeSling is a versatile shoe bag designed to help keep your shoes paired together and easy to find when you need them.

Packing for Travel -
Made Easy.

Titanium ShoeSling shoe bag in luggage

Save space and time packing by using the totally
secure clip or loop it through a handle.

Neon yellow ShoeSling shoe bag

When you've got room in your bag, but you’re
looking to keep them from your clothes - ShoeSling is the shoe bag that comes to the rescue!

Titanium ShoeSling shoe bag hanging on black backpack
Three ShoeSlings folded close-up

Germ-Free Spaces!

Fresher feeling and fresher smelling.

With our patented shoe bag's antimicrobial flexible sports
grade washable polyester fabric, you don’t have
to be concerned about dirt and grime in your car,
home, etc.

Smells are better managed in your travel and gym
bags by reducing the spread of odor causing

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